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Student Trips

Travel to other parts of the country to attend student conferences, take a history class on wheels through our One America trip or take-off with Bay Path President Dr. Carol Leary, students, and friends of the University to major cities around the globe with our annual Capitals of the World trip.

One America Trip:

Travel throughout the United States can be just as civically engaging and eye opening as travel abroad. Each year our students and professors visit noteworthy American cities like Memphis, Tucson, and St. Louis during our One America trip. 

This past year students traveled to Arizona. One of the last states to be admitted to the Union, Arizona is nicknamed the ‘Grand Canyon State.’ Just as New England evokes a feeling of nostalgia in the American psyche, Arizona symbolizes the Old West. Known for its vast and limitless beauty, as well as wide expanses, it is the place where the classic western movies were filmed: Stagecoach with John Wayne, Cimarron, Fort Apache, and Gunfight at the O.K. Corral just to name a few.

Our students explored historic and cultural places across the state. They landed in Phoenix and saddled up for a horseback riding tour through Fort McDowell Indian Reservation; took in the Heard Museum; and visited the ancient ruins at Sedona. And, of course, no trip would be complete without a hike in the Grand Canyon. 

Capitals of the World Trip

If it’s spring break, it’s the annual Capitals of the World trip

Paris, Rome, London, Warsaw, Beijing, and Madrid are just a few of the capitals that our students have visited in the past years. It’s a great opportunity to spread your wings and see another country, another culture.

Traveling with a group of students, alumni and faculty, you have a one-week immersion experience. What does that mean? Historic sites, unforgettable restaurants, and jaw-dropping theatre productions are just part of the tour that never seems to stop. You will definitely catch the travel bug because your world will literally not be the same.

What do students say is their favorite part about the Capitals of the World trip? Bay Path’s President Leary is a member of the group—sharing and making memories.