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Publishing Track

The no-residency MFA is a comprehensive, 39-credit-hour, two-year degree program that prepares graduates to write literary nonfiction of publishable quality and to understand and write about the history of creative nonfiction as a literary genre.

Through the study and practice of various creative nonfiction forms—stories of the spiritual journey, food and travel writing, health and wellness narratives, biographies, women’s stories, narrative journalism, the personal essay, and the memoir—students will learn the essentials of strong writing that will help them develop a master’s thesis: a 150-page manuscript that can serve as the foundation for a full-length book. 

By choosing this two-course track you will learn the process of getting published. The first course, “Introduction to Publishing,” will demystify the journey through examination of the steps necessary to generate agent/editor interest; the structure of the publishing industry (including the burgeoning virtual publishing world); the roles played by agent, editor, publicist, sales representatives, and other key figures; and the all-important work an author can do after publication to give his or her book the best chances for commercial success. The second course, “Immersion in Publishing,” will provide first-hand experience in the publishing world, via a semester-long internship at a publishing house, an independent bookstore, in an editor’s office, or at a literary agency.

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