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Media Access Policy

Bay Path’s primary mission is to support and encourage teaching and learning activities and we are committed to providing an educational environment that facilitates the free exchange of ideas and dialogue. In keeping with this, we have put into place a number of policies to ensure that students, faculty, staff, and guests can pursue these academic endeavors without disruption and that their right to privacy is respected.

While Bay Path is a private, residential university on private property, we welcome members of the greater community, as well as the media, to events that are open to the public. Please be advised that some speakers or performers might restrict or prevent recording, photography or media coverage. In these situations, the Office of Communications and Public Relations will attempt to notify media in advance of these requirements.

Media wishing to cover specific events or to report on other stories at Bay Path need to contact the Office of Communications and Public Relations for permission and are generally required to be accompanied by university staff. Decisions regarding media access are the purview of the administration, as delegated to the Office of Communications and Public Relations.

The Office of Communications and Public Relations may, at its discretion, limit or preclude outside news media access to campus grounds with or without prior notice, including, but not limited to, situations involving emergencies or failure to comply with University policies.

Student media are afforded the same editorial freedoms and privileges and held to the same expectations as the general media. Student groups who wish to allow external media access to their campus events must consult their group advisor, Dean of Students, and the Office of Communications and Public Relations in advance for event review process.

The University cannot guarantee complete privacy or anonymity at public events. Members of the Bay Path community and guests who do not wish to be filmed, photographed or recorded at public events should inform the media of their wishes.