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Health and Human Studies

Prepare for a career that is focused on helping people. Major in Health & Human Studies while earning a BA in Liberal Studies.

Why Health & Human Studies at Bay Path University?

In the Health & Human Studies major, students take core courses that provide a background in physical and mental health, ethics, communication and social policy. Students then select additional courses that enable them to pursue individual interests within the major. 

You are an important bridge between clients and health and human services organizations.  The work settings are varied, but the areas you will be called upon to offer your expertise include primary healthcare, mental illness, elderly services, and even rehabilitation facilities.  In your day-to-day experiences, with your co-workers you will share a mission of compassion and care.

 As a Health & Human Studies major, you will:

  • Explore the fundamentals of psychology, sociology, anatomy and physiology
  • Gain an understanding of child, adolescent and adult development
  • Develop research skills
  • Study social policy as it relates to health and human services
  • Choose from in-depth courses in three areas of concentration: children and families, mental health and physical health