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Carola Pfortner, PhD

Adjunct Instructor

PhD, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Counseling Psychology
MS, University of Wisconsin at Madison, Behavioral Disabilities
National Exam for Teachers, P├Ądagogische Hochschule in Kiel, Germany

I received my PhD in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. In addition, I have earned teaching degrees in Europe and Wisconsin.

As an instructor, I like to share knowledge not only from the field of psychology but also about how it is applied in the mental health professions based on my experience as a psychotherapist with clients of all ages. I also bring to the classroom my experiences from the perspective of conducting research.

Being a “science practitioner” in psychology means that we learn from science to practice psychology. In turn, science learns from those practicing in the field. In short, the science of psychology should be informative but useful!