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Graduate College
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Stephanie Velis G’18

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovative Practices

All aspects of business intrigue me, particularly marketing strategies and the psychology behind organizational behavior and change.

My undergraduate degree is in health science, but I started looking into MBA programs because I was ready to learn about a different subject that would be challenging yet rewarding. I have always aspired to become a leader in my chosen field and wanted to study at a college that encouraged creativity and innovation. While searching for online programs, I found Bay Path University.

I was a bit apprehensive about enrolling in an MBA program with no background in business, but Bay Path stood out because of its flexibility and focus. Looking at the curriculum, I knew that I would be able to utilize my knowledge in healthcare while gaining insight into the business world.

It is very satisfying to be able to relate concepts taught in class to my own work as the Cancer Program Coordinator for Mercy Medical Center. I have a more insightful perspective on the operations and relationships that I live and observe every day. And the online class discussions serve as an excellent forum to draw parallels between class content and real-life experiences.

In this program, my leadership skills have been strengthened as a result of a better understanding of group dynamics and culture. I’ve learned how to communicate more effectively and in a way that will influence and motivate others. These enhanced skills will help me become more valuable and competitive in the workforce. Next year, when I complete my master’s degree, I’ll be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to explore different career opportunities, and prepared to take on a leadership role.

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