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Miraida Infante ’18 G’19

Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity: Information Assurance Master of Science in Cybersecurity Management

When Miraida Infante ’18 G’19 was looking for a cybersecurity program to enroll in as a soon-to-be college freshman, she found that the best program for her was in a relatively unlikely place for such a male-dominated field – an all-women’s college. “While conducting my search for different universities, Bay Path stood out to me with its ranking as one of the top universities for cybersecurity in Massachusetts,” Miraida shared. “I had several options on where to attend college and decided to attend Bay Path based primarily on the academic reputation for my major.” She was also drawn to the requirement to complete an internship as a part of her degree program. “The only way to be prepared for the workforce is to complete an internship as a foundation,” she shared. “While classroom environments are great for peer interaction, shared learning experiences, and debate, being able to apply and develop the academic concepts you are learning to a professional setting is also very important.”

While at Bay Path, where Miraida finished both her bachelor’s and master’s degree in cybersecurity, she was also able to find a sense of community, something else that can be difficult for women in the cybersecurity field to find. “I counted on school pride to bring me a sense of belonging,” Miraida said.  “I thrive in a collaborative environment, and I relished the opportunity to engage with other students and work together to complete projects.”

After graduating and entering the workforce, Miraida has found that type of comradery even more critical to her success. “I believe it is very important to reach out to someone who is in the industry and to find a mentor,” she shared.  “A good mentor can provide invaluable advice on how to find your place in cybersecurity.  I have been extremely lucky to have a mentor who provides guidance and points me in the right direction.”

Part of that right direction includes making cybersecurity, and information technology in general, more accessible for women. “A lot of men who happen to be the hiring managers in this field tend to look for and hire individuals who are like them,” Miraida pointed out. “We as women should not feel intimidated, and we need to break down these barriers.” She went on to add, “There is a lack of gender diversity in this field, so my advice to any woman looking to pursue a career in cybersecurity is to push a little harder for opportunities and recognition. Take chances, and do not be scared to demand respect in this male-dominated field.”

Miraida has big dreams to keep advancing in her field, including obtaining different certifications, and she spends a lot of her time staying up to date on current threats and new cybercrime. Many of these certifications require a minimum of three years in the field, so she’s thankful her education gave her not only the knowledge to begin her career immediately upon graduation, but the experience she needed, too. “To me, Bay Path was my dream school,” Miraida shared, “because it embodies everything I value: women empowerment, incomparable internship opportunities, and an inspiring atmosphere.”

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