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Innovation: The Great Differentiator

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Delcie Bean, Founder and CEO of Paragus Strategic IT, was the speaker at the 12th Annual Innovative Thinking and Entrepreneurship Lecture.

Delcie Bean—through his work and his life—is all about innovation. But, it’s his belief that the term “innovation” is often overused and misused. It has lost its value. So does innovation really exist? The answer is “yes.”

It’s important to not mistake improvement with innovation. In Delcie’s words, “…innovation is a leap. It is not going from A to F. It is going from A to Z.”

Innovation breaks the mold, and some of the companies who have dared to follow their passion, for example, are Etsy, Uber, and Airbnb.

These companies succeeded in part because they were able to overcome business constraints, all the negatives and criticisms we bring to the table, and have a product built on simplicity and convenience. It’s those last two words that are significant drivers—click to see what Delcie Bean thinks about how innovation still plays a role in our world.