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Convocation: Welcome to Lifelong Learning

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The senior affirmation and response, keynote alumni speaker, and donning of the caps—these are only some of elements that make the Convocation ceremony special, a memorable ritual for seniors and first-year students alike.

All traditional undergraduate students at Bay Path join a culture of learning that begins with Convocation. An event that has its roots in medieval times, Convocation is a milestone in students’ learning experiences, particularly for first-year students. It ushers in a new level of responsibility. No longer will they be expected to be just the recipients of knowledge, but are urged to question, speak out, and explore new ideas, subjects and topics. In the Affirmation ceremony, seniors welcome in unison the first-years and transfers to Bay Path’s learning community. The first-year and transfer students respond: “We have been woken to your call to self-initiated learning. We will help build the road for women of leadership who bring social justice through the 21 st Century. It begins at Bay Path University with learning and community. It will go on forever.” 

Carpe Diem.