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2022-23 University Theme

Our University Theme for the 2022-2023 academic year is IGNITE!

Our University Theme IGNITE! will shape the ways that we engage with our reading, writing, and coursework. It will guide our, teaching, friendships, and relationships. It will inspire us as we seek answers to bold questions.

It’s time to ignite our learning by diving deep into our programs of study and perhaps taking a class that’s a little outside of our comfort zones. Let’s ignite our passions by joining student clubs and finding ways to speak up and out on what’s important to us on campus and beyond. We can ignite our bodies by grabbing a classmate and taking a walk on one of the walking trails around campus, visiting our Health and Wellness Center, or challenging Rob to a boxing match in the fitness center. Let’s ignite our creativity by trying out that hobby we’ve been thinking about starting, beginning a new journal, or signing up for an open mic poetry night on campus. A year of college wouldn’t be complete without taking time to ignite our careers at the Sullivan Career Life and Planning Center, making the most of our internships, and dreaming big about what comes after graduation.

Perhaps most importantly, now is the time to ignite each other. As we revel in being on campus together, let’s take a moment to greet one another, to make new friends, and to introduce ourselves to the faces we pass by every day. Let’s cheer each other on, lift each other up, and remind each other how capable we are of reaching our goals and our dreams.

We are strong. We are bold. We are Bay Path. Let’s IGNITE!