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Forensic Studies

Make an impact in the fields of law and criminal justice!

Why Forensic Studies at Bay Path University?

Do you see yourself as an investigator, interviewing clients and witnesses, collecting, preserving or preparing evidence, preparing cases for presentation to a judge or jury, or working with forensic experts? If you’re interested in a career as a criminal or civil investigator in a state or federal agency, or in the private sector in a law firm, corporation, or consulting firm, a degree in legal studies with a major in Forensic Studies might be the key to your future.

You’ve seen forensics on television, but the criminal applications of forensics you see portrayed (often inaccurately) on television only touch the surface of the fascinating realm of forensics. At Bay Path we bring experts into the classroom to teach you in depth about a field of study that is broader and offers far more opportunities than what we see on television. This interdisciplinary major encourages students to go beyond the confines of traditional disciplines as they learn how the law uses forensic evidence and the testimony of forensic experts from different fields in both criminal and civil proceedings. 

As students you will be exposed to such topics as the collection, handling, and preservation of evidence; the preparation and preservation of exhibits for use in courts and tribunals; crime scene documentation; and various analytical procedures used in evidence collection and criminalistics.

In the Forensic Studies program, you will:

  • Study the procedures involved in criminal and civil investigation and litigation
  • Explore topics related to crime scene documentation and evidence collection, handling and preservation
  • Learn how to prepare and preserve exhibits for use in legal proceedings
  • Master the analytical procedures used in evidence collection and criminalistics
  • Complete a forensic studies internship

As a result of my hard work and support from my professors, I was awarded with a coveted internship at the naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) in Norfolk, Virginia. While working for NCIS, I was able to go to crime scenes, learn how this government agency works, read and write reports, help with witness interviews, review cases, and work alongside seasoned Special Agents!" - Ashley, Forensic Studies Major