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The Path Forward

Robyn Parker, PhD

Adjunct Professor

Robyn Parker has extensive administrative and instructional experience in higher education and is currently the Dean at Tapia College of Business at Saint Leo University, headquartered in Saint Leo, Florida. Prior to her current role, she served as Academic Dean, Dean of the College of Business Administration, Tenured Professor and Director of Instruction at Plymouth State University. Dr. Parker started her career in higher education as an Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Program Director at Kent State University. Throughout her career, within each institution she has worked, she has been a leader in change facilitation. Her interests lie in organizational theory, development, and behavior. A systems thinker, Robyn has facilitated the design and implementation of restructuring strategies that have saved money, streamlined processes, and created innovative programs and learning environments. Robyn’s expertise lies in guiding others in becoming transformational leaders.