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Maureen Michaud, MEd, BCBA®, LABA


MEd., Salem State University

Maureen is a former special education teacher, parent trainer, behavior and education consultant, and program director at an educational collaborative. She currently works full time for a public school as the district-wide behavior analyst (PreK – Grade 12). In her past and current positions as a behavior analyst, Maureen has emphasized staff and parent training as the most effective method to achieve positive change in how students are taught. She utilizes her experiences as a teacher to model behavioral and teaching strategies in the classroom, and prioritizes providing ongoing feedback as behavioral strategies are implemented.

Maureen has co-taught Research Methods, and taught The Science of ABA: Concepts and Principles and Behavior Assessment and Ongoing Measurement courses at Bay Path University since the inception of the ABA program. As both a professional working in schools, and as a faculty member at Bay Path, Maureen uses the principles of behavior to teach learners of all ages. It is her strong belief that it is through a dedication to the science of behavior in her own practice that will lead to future behavior analysts who will do the same.