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Spring Reopening Update

Maika Mitchell, PhD

Adjunct Professor

PhD, Edith Cowan University; MS, Polytechnic University

Maika Mitchell has progressive experience overseeing and developing clinical research laboratories for non-profit (American red Cross, MSKCC), for-profit (CLIA & NYSDOH Molecular Oncology Lab Director), academia (Columbia University Herbert Irving Cancer Center focus in Prostate Cancer) and government (CDC, US Army Reserves and Homeland Security) for well over 20 years in the biomedical field).

She has current teaching experience in online and face-to-face undergraduate and graduate courses, including recognition for contributions to research development, revenue-focused product development and management of high-tech operations. She is a contributor to the NCBI SNP database for pediatrics and urological cancers and established scientific author for Elsevier Academic Press.