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#IAmBayPath: Personal Reflections from the Bay Path Community

How Storytelling from Students, Faculty and Staff are Shaping a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion at Bay Path.

Owning your own language. Celebrating one’s heritage. Dealing with impostor syndrome. Coming Out.

These are just some of the personal reflections from the Bay Path community that have been captured in the I Am Bay Path Storytelling Project. The stories go beneath the surface, allowing the storyteller to share experiences that are profound lessons about friendship, family, cooperation, courage, empathy, and perseverance against inequality. More important, they create a social fabric that allows all of us to see the richness of our community. Each month, new stories will be added to the I Am Bay Path Storytelling Project, and they can be found on the website. Check it out, or follow #IAmBayPath on one of the University’s social media channels.