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Bringing Bay Path Values to Life

At Bay Path, every learner’s dreams of a better career, a richer life, and a brighter future will be realized.

As part of the University’s ongoing commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, a Values Task Force was formed to define and articulate those principles that guide and direct the Bay Path culture. The task force undertook a comprehensive process, which included input from across the Bay Path community. The work resulted in our eight Core Values—beliefs that provide the internal framework and a moral compass for how we work and interact with each other.

Our Learners Come First.

When our learners succeed, we succeed. Being student-centered is our mission, our passion. So we champion them to achieve extraordinary things. The decisions we make, the data we analyze, the priorities we follow… we must always ask “how does this further our vision for learner success?”

Diversity Makes Us Stronger.

The beauty and potential of our learners lies in their diversity. We respect, value, and celebrate differences in race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, backgrounds, and experiences, as well as perspectives and opinions. As a community, we strive to be reflective and representative of the learners we so proudly serve. It is through rich diversity that we will together achieve greatness.

We Are Committed to Equity.

We share honest acknowledgment that pervasive, enduring, and corrosive structural inequities have caused BIPOC communities to suffer. Too, we recognize the uncomfortable and incontrovertible truth that ours is a world of imbalanced access to opportunities and resources. We are committed to leveling the playing field for those who are disproportionately impacted by unfair systems and pledge to create a community where all members participate justly, fairly, and fully.

We Pledge to Foster Inclusion and Belonging.

We value the work of being anti-racist and truly accessible to our diverse population of learners, faculty, and staff, where every voice is encouraged, heard, and respected, and authentic selves are valued. In so doing, we strive to create an environment of not just mere inclusion but true belonging.

We Treat Others with Respect and Compassion.

We treat others the way we all want to be treated: with respect, dignity, and professionalism. We value the expertise and contributions brought by all our university community members and strive to understand one another, listen generously, and act with kindness, compassion, and patience.

Innovation and Excellence Drive Us.

Fulfilling our learners’ dreams requires a relentless commitment to innovation and a passion for excellence in all we do. We value creativity and nimbleness in innovating on behalf of our students, and we strive for the highest standards of integrity by making responsible decisions, acting with uncompromising honesty, and taking genuine pride in our work.

We Work Best as a Community that Collaborates.

Working collaboratively is where we function best. In solving problems across silos, communicating transparently, embracing challenge together, and inspiring each other, we strengthen our community and, in turn, fulfill our mission. Collectively, we take pride in our work and celebrate our success.

Health and Well-Being Matter.

As a community, we take a holistic view of our learners and employees that transcends education to include safety, mental health, and physical and spiritual well-being. We encourage our learners and ourselves to take advantage of every opportunity to gain knowledge, to seek out and learn from new adventures, and to be open to new and diverse ways of thinking. We recognize that laughing and finding joy in every day matters, too.