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Bay Path University Awarded $2.25 Million Federal Grant

In October 2019, Bay Path University was awarded a $2.25 million Title III grant from the U.S. Department of Education through its Strengthening Institutions Program for the “Learning for the 21st Century: Reshaping the Student Experience” project. Bay Path was one of seven higher education institutions selected from New England to receive funding.

Within days of the announcement, teams formed and work began immediately on the initiative. The grant addresses three major areas: guided pathways, reframed student support, and integrated technology.

Guided pathways is a framework that incorporates many elements, allowing us to build on many of the great initiatives already happening at Bay Path. Most importantly, from day one, it provides students a clear “map” for each program of study, guiding them as they select courses and at the same time aligning them with career opportunities in the workplace. Reframed student support translates into reforming the advising and registration processes to help all students identify their goals early in their academic careers and support them as they progress along their pathway. Finally, integrated technology can smooth a variety of processes for students, allowing them to focus on successfully moving forward with their education. Ultimately, there will be a “one-stop center” with one technological hub that can track a student from inquiry to graduation, facilitate communication between students, faculty, and staff, and be a central repository of information linked to each student.

This grant will revolutionize learning and advising while better aligning computer and data systems with student and institutional needs.

When all universities and colleges across the country are asked to be more responsive to the student experience while balancing access and persistence, at Bay Path this grant will address all these areas. In essence, it will revolutionize learning and advising and better align computer and data systems with student and institutional needs. It will be just what the Bay Path student needs for 2020 and beyond.