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A Solid Return on Investment

In June 2019, Pat Pierce, CFA, stepped down as Chair of the Board of Trustees at Bay Path University. Her legacy will be felt in many ways, but none that is more impactful than with her Patricia J. Pierce Student Achievement Fund in support of programming and scholarship.

It’s clear that Pat Pierce cherishes every moment she is with students. She lights up, and her smile becomes infectious to those around her. Her genuine joy and interest rings through whether she is attending the Rose Ceremony for One Day and The American Women’s College students, sitting in on a Student Government Association meeting, or listening to the experiences of students from the One America trip, an initiative that Pat has funded for the last eight years.

For Pat, this is why she is at Bay Path. The education of women matters. In her words, “Education provides the vitamins for a good life.” It is no surprise that the mission of Bay Path is mirrored in her own personal mission statement, one she created upon her retirement: to help women succeed, flourish and rise to their potential.

Over the years, this connection with Bay Path has grown stronger. With a 30-plus year career in finance, equity research, and portfolio management, Pat knows a good investment when she sees it. Impressed by the leadership of President Leary, and the entrepreneurial spirit of the institution, she decided to make a planned gift, which is the largest bequest in the University's history.

“I believe my gift is 100 times more valuable to Bay Path than to other schools. I make this observation based on my career in the investment world. Today, there are many pressures on higher education. People may question their philanthropic efforts when there are so many uncertainties. But, in fact, as it is in business, now is the best time for people to step forward and commit. It actually increases their rate of return.”

In her position as Chair of the Board of Trustees, Pat knows first-hand that Bay Path is a place that meets students where they are in their lives, offers an education that is practical and relevant, and has a strong foundation. Those qualities are the elements of a strong institutional future—a solid investment with dividends that are immeasurable. Carpe Diem.

For information on how your planned giving can create a legacy at Bay Path University, contact Allison Gearing Kalill, vice president for development and planned giving, at 413.565.1150 or visit