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 This annual event was held at the Philip H. Ryan Health Science Center on May 8.

Bay Path University honors and recognizes faculty excellence in teaching and scholarship annually with an awards ceremony. These awards commend the efforts of individual faculty members to help build and sustain a community in which the teacher-learner academic experience is valued and prized.

The Estelle Leavitt Award for Teaching Excellence

The Estelle Leavitt Award for Teaching Excellence was established in honor of emerita faculty member Estelle Leavitt, who served on our faculty for 20 years, including as Chair of the Education Department for 12 of those years. Estelle was known for her deep commitment to students and her passion for preparing educators who bring both skill and soul to their classrooms. 

2023 Recipient:

Dr. Jennifer Stratton
Undergraduate Program Director of Education



One Bay Path Award

The One Bay Path Award recognizes a faculty member or program director who embodies a collaborative spirit that brings our community together, is adaptable and resourceful, and who creates conditions that empower each Bay Path learner to achieve success and fosters partnerships that open new pathways for learners.

2023 Recipient:

Michelle McGrath 
Senior Director, Psychology Programs
The American Women’s College


The Faculty Outstanding Research, Scholarly Activity and Creative Works Prize

The Richard J. Briotta Outstanding Faculty Research, Scholarly Activity and Creative Works Prize is given to a faculty member in recognition of their extraordinary research and publication activity, as well as their contributions in fostering serious academic research within the Bay Path community. 

2023 Recipient:

Dr. Mary Whitten
Occupational Therapy Bridge Program



 Vana Nespor Award for Teaching Innovation at The American Women’s College

This award is intended to recognize an academic director at The American Women’s College who is dedicated to the promotion of learner success for adult women through curricular advancement with the integration or development of digitally enhanced, data-driven, innovative or cost-effective learning experiences in our accelerated undergraduate model.

2023 Recipient:

Marjorie Robinson-Bessette
Academic Director of Health and Nursing
The American Women’s College



Other faculty were recognized for their contributions with the following teacher awards:

Distinguished Teaching Award / Traditional Undergraduate Program
Victoria-Ann Rodriguez ’12 G’17

Distinguished Teaching Award / The American Women’s College
Dr. Adriane Mayda

Distinguished Teaching Award / School of Management and Technology
Dr. William Hettinger

Distinguished Teaching Award / School of Health and Natural Sciences
Suzanne Gile

Distinguished Teaching Award / School of Education, Psychology & Humanities
Lorie Banks

Congratulations to our award winners!