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Sponsor a Graduate 2022

Orientation Fall of 2018

This year has been full of REimagining during Bay Path's 125th Anniversary. The Class of 2022 is getting ready to say goodbye, but we all know that the connection to Bay Path University doesn’t end at graduation. With 1,000 undergraduate, graduate, and The American Women's College students excited to graduate, please join us in Celebrating 1,000 Graduates!

By contributing at least $20.22 today, your gift will sponsor at least one graduate for their first year in Bay Path GOLD, our recent alumni society. Bay Path GOLD is designed to keep recent alumni, especially our newest graduates, connected to Bay Path University and to each other. We are so thankful for those who are choosing to sponsor multiple graduates during this milestone year for Bay Path! We are also thankful for those who are choosing to sponsor graduates every month through setting up a recurring gift.   

Please join our Bay Path family and friends in guiding our graduating graduates into Bay Path GOLD and be the influence for why they stay connected to our great community! If you would like your gift to go toward the sponsorship of particular students, please list those names. You may also share a message with graduates on the importance of philanthropy and why you give. Thank you for any and all support! Your generosity also helps our Carpe Diem Fund, which supports scholarship assistance, career services, our library, and more.

Note: Leaving your social media handle is optional. We just can't thank our donors enough for their support, and would love to give you a shoutout!