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Roommate Selection:

The Office of Residence Life seeks to match students based on the list of questions answered on the roommate questionnaire form including sleep and study habits, your major, and hobbies. The staff carefully matches students based on similarity to ensure success here at Bay Path in academics, a social setting, and residential living. 

Communicating With Roommates:

As you think about your roommate and how you hope to interact, both of you might consider the following as talking points:

  • Communicate (...and not just via social media or texting!)! Call them and TALK to them! This is the most effective tool for living together happily.
  • What do each of you expect of your living arrangement?
  • What can you and your roommate discuss that may prevent future problems?
  • How much of your personal or life experiences are each of you willing to share?
  • How do you both intend to discuss habits, values and priorities?
  • Could some of your practices or activities be potentially offensive or annoying to the other person?
  • How will both of you resolve disagreements?
  • How do you act when you are angry, depressed, stressed, or happy? How do you expect your roommate to behave when you are feeling any of these emotions?
  • Which of your belongings can and cannot be borrowed? (i.e. clothing, food)
  • When are visitors and/or friends welcome? For how long?
  • How neat do you both expect the room to be?
  • What study habits will make both of you successful students?
  • Be ready to make compromises. You can't have everything your way all the time!
  • Always treat your roommate with respect ... after all you do live together!
  • Attempt to make contact during the summer to plan the upcoming year will help ease some anxiety about meeting for the first time.

Be open with your roommate, and always communicate your needs; be responsive to your roommate, recognizing that she is changing too. Expect the best! The communication skills you can develop in an effective roommate relationship are among the most valuable skills you will gain for your personal and professional life.