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Weird In a World That is Not

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Feeling like you don't fit in?

Conventional career advice overwhelmingly teaches that office-politicking extroverts are best set up for success. As a result, if you’re offbeat, you’ve probably felt that the parts of your personality that seem out of sync are weaknesses you need to overcome. But this logic is flawed, dated and untrue. What companies really need are passionate, original thinkers. Businesses need “disruptors” — Silicon Valley’s favorite word — and they need employees and managers who are too odd to understand the ways things are “supposed to work.” Fellow misfits, do not fear: You do not have to change your fundamental being in order to thrive in your career, nor to be an incredible boss — even if you don’t feel particularly bossy.

Join us for the FREE 30-minute virtual roundtable on January 23rd to meet author Jennifer Romolini in a live Q+A. This roundtable will give you a glimpse of what you will hear and learn at the 2020 Women's Leadership Conference.