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Using Blue Ocean Strategy to Map Your Institution’s Post-Pandemic Future

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Using Blue Ocean Strategy to Map Your Institution’s Post-Pandemic Future is part of the Leading Edge Thinking in Higher Education Series brought to you by Bay Path University's Center for Higher Education Leadership & Innovative Practice (CHELIP)

In this ever-competitive higher education environment, those institutions that can effectively differentiate from the competition, generate new demand, and find new markets will have an advantage. In this webinar, MBA faculty, entrepreneur and business strategist, Dr. James Wilson introduces us to Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS), a method, and useful tools that college leaders can use to do just that. This webinar will introduce a range of BOS tools, provide industry examples of BOS, explore value propositions in higher education, and explore questions about what changes will improve competitiveness and yield new value.

About our Presenter
James M. Wilson III, PhD, is a serial entrepreneur, a consultant, and a professor of entrepreneurial thinking and innovative practices. He has lived the dream of starting a company in his apartment and having that firm sold to a Fortune 500 company.

He began working on big data in the 1990s and at one time owned the largest database on teacher education and work histories in the USA. He then started and grew a software company to deliver curriculum mapping for school systems. Another venture included sourcing manufacturing in China for small firms. His current interest is a social entrepreneurship partnership to promote the hand-loomed silks produced in Varanasi, India.

Dr. Wilson shares his business expertise with small firms on the verge of rapid growth. He has consulted with inventors and entrepreneurs in a wide range of fields, including viniculture, apparel manufacturing, healthcare, food service, forest management, website production, international outsourcing, and talent management. He shares a patent on software and services that detect pathogens in hospitals in order to prevent disease outbreaks.

His academic research emerges from his consulting work. Sample projects include explaining the reasons for the difference in success between Tokyo Disney and Disneyland Paris; studying the organizational requirements for rock-and-roll concert production; examining the human resource management of symphony orchestras; analyzing factors influencing motion picture box office revenues; and developing an ethnography of bazaar economics in India.  He recently completed the text Making the Case: Value Proposition Analysis and Strategy, published by Vidya Press.

In addition, Dr. Wilson uses mathematical simulations to explore large-scale systems. His simulation of emergency medical services in Massachusetts was used in the conversation to privatize those services. He modeled a simulation of educator supply and demand in the northeastern United States. He also developed a simulation of competitive market evolution that explored the difference between intentional strategy and luck.

Dr. Wilson teaches research methods, innovative growth strategy, and entrepreneurial management strategies in Bay Path University’s MBA program in Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovative Practices. He also teaches entrepreneurship and innovation in HELOS (Higher Education Leadership and Organizational Development) doctoral program, and is a research fellow at CHELIP (Center for Higher Education Leadership and Innovative Practices).  He developed his university’s Certificate in Digital Transformation. He was the Assistant to the Provost, with the charge of promoting his university’s transition to the use of analytics data-driven decision-making.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology and philosophy from Clark University and his MBA, an MS in resource economics, and a PhD in strategic management from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He is a graduate of the Exeter Humanities Institute and a Six Sigma Black Belt. He won his university’s award for innovative thinking.

Dr. Wilson lives in Massachusetts, where he sidelines as a novice cheese and wine judge at the Big E, the annual “New England’s Great State Fair.”