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The Post Pandemic Curriculum: Using Market and Economic Data to Shape a Future--Focused Academic Program

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The Post Pandemic Curriculum: Using Market and Economic Data to Shape a Future--Focused Academic Program is part of the Leading Edge Thinking in Higher Education Series brought to you by Bay Path University's Center for Higher Education Leadership & Innovative Practice (CHELIP)

Presenter: Bob Atkins, CEO and Founder, Gray Associates

In this webinar, we will look at the current state of academic program evaluation. We will demonstrate how institutions can use market and economic data to build a mission-driven and sustainable program portfolio that considers market demand and is economically viable.  We will also look at new tools that incorporate AI and Machine Learning and discuss how institutions can use these tools to build more competitive, data-informed program portfolios in the future.

About the Presenter:
Bob leads Gray Associates and the development of Gray’s education industry software and services.  Since founding Gray, Bob has worked with institutions across all sectors of higher education, including large public universities, small private colleges, community colleges, trade and technical schools, and statewide systems.  Bob works with Presidents, CAOs, CFOs, and CMOs to develop institutional and programmatic growth strategies, identify new markets and campus locations, and model program and course economics.  He led the design of the Program Evaluation System, the Program Economics Platform, our Academic Economics Benchmarking system, and our Program Strategy Workshops.   

Prior to founding Gray Associates, Bob worked with corporate clients such as AT&T, American Express, HP, and IBM to develop growth strategies, enter new markets, and build their channel organizations. Bob is a published author, whose articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Sales and Marketing Management, and other publications around the world.  He received an MBA, with honors, from Harvard Business School and a BA, magna cum laude, from Harvard College.