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Recovery & Resilience

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Mills Theatre, Carr Hall, Longmeadow Campus
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Amy O’Neill MS, LPC is a Boston Marathon bombing survivor and is a resiliency expert. Her talk will present tools to overcome perceived adversity, as well as reduce stress, and thrive in the workplace and life. She will share her journey through the 4 R’s (redefine, reconstruct, rebuild, and re-emerge) as a marathon survivor and discuss the ways they prove useful for any moment in life when you find yourself facing an identity crisis due to change.

About Our Speaker

Amy O'Neill, survivor, resilience expert, motivational speakerStakeholder, Licensed Professional Counselor, Survivor, Speaker, and Resilience Expert. Amy possesses a unique combination of personal and professional experience with survival and recovery from trauma. The lessons lived and learned about resilience are a crucial element to survival and thriving when life challenges you with the unthinkable. As a Trauma-Informed, 25-year mental health professional, a survivor of the Boston Marathon attack and endurance athlete (3x Ironman Triathlon Finisher and 5x Boston Marathon finisher) Amy intimately understands adversity, resilience, how to
succeed in the face of a life-changing challenge. Amy became a student of the painstaking recovery process. The collection of personal knowledge in addition to the experience gained from talking with victims and survivors from around the world has culminated in a global perspective on trauma into mass violence.

Co-sponsored by the Wm. & Margery Sadowsky Center for Adult Learning at the Springfield JCC