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Re-wire Your Brain for Success

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Breck Suite, Wright Hall

Please Note: This event is sold out.

Featuring author and speaker Dr. Kristina Hallett, Coordinator of Clinical Training and Associate Professor of Psychology at Bay Path University.

Join Dr. Kristina Hallett for a fresh perspective on repairing interpersonal relationships, achieving personal and professional success, and learning effective techniques to maintain positive thoughts. Using the latest in psychological research, Dr. Hallett will explain the mechanisms of stress and strategies to acquire free time AND the energy to “get it all done.” With Dr. Hallett’s insight, learn to utilize your unique talents and skills to enhance resilience, resulting in improved workplace relationships, communication, and performance.

About Dr. Kristina Hallett

Dr. Kristina Hallett is an Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Board-Certified Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology at Bay Path University. She is the author of Own Best Friend: Eight Steps to a Life of Purpose, Passion, and Ease. Dr. Hallett has a wealth of experience in speaking, teaching and clinical practice. Dr. Hallett speaks internationally in several areas of specialty – productivity, resilience, communication, self-care, mentoring, and living your best life. Dr. Hallett received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 1993 and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology. She is active in the Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology, the National Association of Professional Women, the American Psychological Association and the E-Women Network.

Dr. Hallett's clinical experiences span a broad range of settings, including child and adolescent inpatient psychiatric hospitals, community mental health clinics, medium and maximum security correctional institutions and her current work at Bay Path University. She has a passion for assisting other’s in living their best life and has provided numerous trainings and workshops on the integration of Positive Psychology techniques and interventions into everyday life. She is devoted to teaching and engaging with health and mental health professionals to promote high quality clinical services within the greater context of professional self-care.