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Onboarding & Talent Retention

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The ups, the downs, the good and the bad:

The aim for any induction needs to be to make that curve as shallow and swift as possible for new hires. This means catching them before they dive too deep into uncertainty and lose confidence - resulting in a downward spiral. This talk will provide tips and tactics to ensure a smooth process enabling you to keep the talent you recruit. After the hiring, many Human Resource departments hand over the onboarding to the hiring manager. How that individual interacts early on with employees can help them to know what is important to the manager, the department, and the organization. Managers need to ease them to the teams so that they feel needed, a key to integrating them into the team. This is especially true with veterans. Leaving the military and walking into a new civilian position is a major life change. Learn from Rob Campbell, ex-military, on how to attract and to retain these valuable additions to your staff.

Keeping employees engaged leads to their long term success and the organizations. Engaged employees are much less likely to leave to pursue other opportunities or better cultural fit.

“70% of employees in today’s workforce are not engaged at work, meaning they are not psychologically committed to their jobs, happy in the workplace and likely to be making positive contributions to their organizations.” 2017 Gallup Poll

This virtual roundtable discussion will offer tips and tools on how to onboard well so that you can keep your employees engaged and with you.

Who'll Be Speaking

Lisa Leath, SHRM-SCP
After graduating from the School of Labor and Employment Relations at Penn State, I gained generalist and benefits experience in a boutique law firm in Manhattan. From there, I changed industries to both non-union and union large manufacturing facilities with a Fortune 300 specialty materials company at multiple plants across North Carolina in lead Labor Relations and HR Manager roles. After eight great years, I moved on to lead and transform an HR function at an international pharmaceutical contract development manufacturing organization with seven global locations. Most recently, I have been spending time working as an outsourced HR leader with pharmaceutical companies, healthcare, start-ups, technology companies, and non-profits.

Rob Campbell
I’m Rob Campbell a retired Army Colonel, husband, father, author, ranger, paratrooper and combat veteran. I have over 27 years’ experience leading organizations ranging in size from 24 to 5,000 people. In my career, I have overcome organizational challenges and led change. I’ve succeeded, failed and learned along the way.

As Commander or CEO of a 5,000-person Infantry Brigade, my team and I achieved Army-leading (#1 of 34 Brigades) results in personnel performance, soldier retention, promotion selection rates, and other leadership accomplishments.