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Spring Reopening Update

Meeting Strategic Enrollment Goals in These Uncertain Times

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Achieving Strategic Enrollment Health is part of the Leading Edge Thinking in Higher Education Series brought to you by Bay Path University's Center for Higher Education Leadership & Innovative Practice (CHELIP)

A simple definition of strategic enrollment health could be “enough of the right students,” capturing both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of sound enrollment goals.  In this session we’ll explore foundational principles including what presidents and boards must do to find, support, and keep a great enrollment leader, mobilizing key campus partners, elements of a strategic enrollment plan, and benchmarking investments in recruitment budget and staff.

Whether you spend all your time in enrollment or are tangentially connected, this session will provide solid foundational principles and key questions to consider as you assess your institution’s approach to strategic enrollment health.

Our Presenter

Tim founded Fuller Higher Ed Solutions in June of 2020 to focus even more of his time on enrollment health, strategic planning, and leadership counsel. A frequent conference and campus presenter, Tim underpins over 40 years of data trends and research with storytelling, wit, and campus examples to bring statistics to life and connect his audiences with the part they all play in an organization’s strategic enrollment health, plan for the future, and overall mission.