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Leading Edge Webinar: Implementing and Surviving Transformative Change: Not for the Faint of Heart

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There is a reason that transformative change is so rare. It’s hard, it’s risky, and most people prefer what they know. Moreover, successful transformation requires a level of skills, commitment, resources, and perseverance that are rare in institutions more accustomed to preserving the status quo. This webinar is based on research, real-world examples, and contributions provided by focus groups of leaders in higher education who have navigated change themselves. The webinar will first review why change is necessary for most IHEs, then what is typically required to achieve transformation, and conclude with a focus on how successful change is actually achieved.

Presenter and Panel Facilitator:

Dr. Wallace Pond, Founder of Idea Pathway, LLC, the Transformation Collaborative, LLC, and Life Worth Living, LLC, has been a mission-driven educator and leader for over 30 years, recently adding psychotherapy to his professional profile. For the last 20 years, Wallace has been a senior leader in higher education, holding both campus and system-level positions overseeing single and multi-campus and online institutions of higher education in the US and internationally. He has served as chancellor, president, COO, CAO (Chief Academic Officer), CEO, and trustee, bringing exceptional value as a strategic-servant leader through extensive experience and acumen in strategic planning, change management, organizational design and development, P&L, human capital development, innovation, new programs, and deep operational expertise among other areas of impact. For the last four years, he has focused on helping other organizational leaders achieve great success while doing work that matters.

Dr. Pond has lived, worked, and studied in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He has presented nationally and internationally and is the author of numerous articles and the books, The Lights Are On, Is Anybody Home? Education in America and Leadership in the Real World: Hard Won Lessons from Twenty Years as a Chief Executive in Turbulent Times. Wallace, a licensed pilot, has a BA in Spanish, an M.Ed in Human Services and Human Resource Education, and a Ph.D. in Education. He is currently pursuing a third graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health.