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Leading Edge Webinar - Creating a Healthy Goal-Driven Culture

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The admissions office is one of the most measurable (and measured) offices on a college campus. But goals are a part of life in admissions, and this webinar will teach college administrators how to best leverage that reality to create a positive, productive culture in the office. What strategies are best for the setting and tracking of goals that positively impact long-term performance? How can a framework that accounts for different types of goals be implemented to keep staff motivated regardless of the time of year and whether the team is ahead or behind targets? Attend this presentation for insight and solutions on these and other enrollment management challenges.

Our Presenter

Michael Ritter is the Senior Vice President of Enrollment, Graduate & Online Enrollment, and Student Success, at Ruffalo Noel Levitz. His areas of expertise include strategic planning and execution, staff training, and statistical analysis. With over 20 years of experience in enrollment management, he propels the success of partner colleges with data-driven strategy, with a focus on meeting key institutional goals with high return on investment.