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Leading Edge Webinar: Building a Robust Admissions Pipeline through Student Engagement Across the Funnel

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In the face of turbulent economic times, institutions that have built a solid foundation to support their recruitment efforts will likely be the institutions that survive and thrive into the future. In this session, we will draw on data and experiences across hundreds of campuses to discuss ways that Colleges and Universities can set themselves up to be successful in the current Higher Education Marketplace. Andrea Gilbert will share best practices when building a robust pipeline to engage students, grow/shape enrollment, and increase net revenue. She will discuss new approaches, innovative strategies, and describe why investing in your brand and engagement has never been more important!

Our Presenters

Andrea Gilbert is Executive Vice President of Client Engagement at RNL. She has served more than 125 campus partners in the United States and the United Kingdom, helping these campuses to achieve their recruitment goals through the use of predictive modeling services, search and application generation strategy, territory management, financial aid, and student retention.


Ken Huus is Vice President and Senior Consultant, Enrollment at RNL. With more than 20 years of enrollment management experience, his areas of expertise include undergraduate recruitment/admissions, student search strategy, campus visit programs, institutional marketing, and the strategic use of financial aid.