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Hot Topics in Leadership & Negotiation: Practice Spontaneity - Using Improv to Speed Up Your Thinking

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Improvisers achieve their amazing results by learning and practicing a set of simple skills. This webinar will show you the 3-step process Improvisers use to effortlessly think on their feet, tap into their creativity, grow their self-confidence and have fun playing with others. You’ll be able to immediately apply what you experience to work, friends and family.

About the Speaker:
Izzy Gesell, MSEd, CSP, is “organizational alchemist”. As a Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader, Professional Facilitator, and Presentation Coach, his skills are focused on transforming something commonplace into something special.

His humorously serious and seriously humorous programs help individuals thrive and during these changing times as they become more confident, spontaneous, and prosperous in their daily lives.

As the Author of Playing Along: Group Learning Activities Borrowed from Improvisation Theater, Izzy is one of the front-runners in bringing the concepts of improv theater into the business world. He has also contributed to the International Association of Facilitator's Handbook and Humor Me, a compilation by America's most prominent humorists.