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The Path Forward

Hot Topics in Higher Education: Recruitment During a Pandemic, Forward Thinking Solutions that Come From Lessons Learned

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Recruitment During a Pandemic: Forward Thinking Solutions that Come from Lessons Learned with Mike Frantz, Enrollment Consultant at Bay Path University and is an enrollment consultant with Dutcher LLC.

Just when you think you know how enrollment works, the world throws a pandemic, civil unrest and murder hornets at you. From “Who’s going to open the mail?” to “How to lead a campus tour when nobody is home?” to “How do I know you’re working if you are still in your pajamas?” There were (and perhaps still are) more questions than answers, but we were in yield season for both graduate and undergraduate so we had to act quickly, show versatility and bend like Gumby. And, we succeeded. Let’s talk about it. Your questions and own solutions will be sought.