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HomeFit: Modifying Your Home for Safety & Comfort

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A birth, aging parents, an injury and more can create a need for your home to be refitted for safety and comfort.

Virtual Discussion

Speaker: Andrea Cordis, BS, COTA/L, Occupational Therapy Fieldwork and Clinical Assistant, Bay Path University

It is not uncommon for us to forget we will need modifications to our homes as we age. This talk provides information on how to decide what type of home modifications are needed to stay in your (or your parents) home longer. It will provide ideas and inspiration for making these modifications, many of which are surprisingly simple. The goal is to educate participants on home updates that can allow them to go about their daily activities while staying comfortable, independent, and injury-free in their home, now when there is time before modifications are truly needed.

Co-sponsored with Bay Path University’s Masters in Occupational Therapy & AARP of Massachusetts

About Andrea Cordis

Andrea Cordis has been a certified occupational therapy assistant (COTA) since 2004. In that time, she has worked in skilled nursing facilities, inpatient rehab, home health care, community-based, and inpatient mental health and now works with occupational therapy students at Bay Path University. She has been a volunteer for AARP since 2015, presenting Home Fit throughout the state. Andrea is also involved in the Car Fit program through AARP, AAA, and AOTA. She is a Car Fit Instructor and the MA State Coordinator for Car Fit. In addition, to volunteering for AARP, Andrea also volunteers for the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy. Andrea is a two-time alumna of Bay Path University, receiving her A.S. in 2003 and her B.S. in 2017. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, baking, and teaching yoga!