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The Path Forward

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Game Changing Leadership in Times of Profound Change

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Game Changing Leadership in Times of Profound Change is part of the Leading Edge Thinking in Higher Education Series brought to you by Bay Path University's Center for Higher Education Leadership & Innovative Practice (CHELIP)

Higher education is at an existential crossroads in which a combination of external factors has conspired to render traditional financial and operational models obsolete for a substantial number of institutions. Those models were designed to perpetuate the status quo, which creates severe structural impediments to addressing both internal and external threats, as well as to delivering a value proposition compelling enough for students with a growing number of alternatives. As a result, much of traditional higher education must be completely reinvented in order to meet the depth and breadth of current and future challenges. This webinar will explore how we got here, why transformation is the required path forward for many institutions, and what execution of transformative change looks like in practice.

Our Presenter

man looking at camera with short brown hair, wearing a white shirt, blue tie and business suitWallace Pond has been a transformational change leader for decades, serving in multiple CEO, executive, and partnership roles. Wallace is a founder of Idea Pathway and the Transformation Collaborative, supporting transformative thinking and operational excellence across all segments of higher education and the private-sector.