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Flamenco! The Music of Passion

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Breck Suite, Wright Hall
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Join musicians David and Lonnie Chu for a unique and thrilling night of Flamenco music, dance, and culture. Experience the passionate music of the people of southern Spain and the blend of cultures that created flamenco. Hear the lament in the solitary voice, the joy of a moonlit beach, the first sob and the first kiss in the tremolo of a guitar. Participate in palmas, the rhythmic hand-clapping that is the foundation of flamenco music.

Relax and enjoy an experience unlike any other.

About David and Lonnie Chu

While David and Lonnie Chu usually work as a duo, they have also worked with a number of dancers and percussionists. David began his music career as a teen playing piano and percussion, but soon switched to guitar. He earned a BA in Music with a minor in Spanish, built his career first as a player of electric guitar in jazz and pop styles, and then switched to the flamenco guitar. He currently plays flamenco, jazz, blues, Brazilian, and vintage international. An accomplished soloist, he provides accompaniment and is the group's arranger and composer.

Lonnie Chu, manager and singer, majored in vocal music before taking off for Spain where she lived several times. She earned a BA in Spanish and an MA in Linguistics and has long taught Spanish at universities both online and in class. Eight years ago, she began to sing flamenco and now calls it her "drug of choice." She also sings vintage international songs in six languages.

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