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Confident or Impostor?

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You are talented, smart, successful and accomplished and yet, you still doubt your own competence, worth and value, and your lack of confidence "proves" it. When confidence disappears – fear takes over and you feel, and believe, that you are an impostor.
You are not alone. Most of us suffer from exactly the same feelings at some point in our lives – and for some – most of our lives.

This discussion with three experts will focus on lack of confidence, the impostor syndrome and how to overcome both.

Who'll Be Speaking?

Karen HindsKaren Hinds
Emerging Leader Expert, Workplace Success Group

Founder and CEO of Workplace Success Group, an international firm that has been referred to as a training ground for future business leaders.

Karen is the author of A Young Adult’s Guide to the Global Workplace; The Leader’s Manual – A Young Adult’s Guide to the Global Workplace; Get Along, Get Ahead: 101 Courtesies for the New Workplace; and Networking for a Better Position & More Profit.

Karen is also a visiting professor for the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business at Post University, and a frequent guest on Radio, TV and Podcasts. She is a former board member of the Connecticut chapter of The World Affairs Council.

Roxanne Kaufman ElliottRoxanne Kaufman Elliott

Roxanne Kaufman Elliott is a certified leadership development coach and facilitator. She has over 30 years of business, strategy and leadership development experience across many different industries in both the profit and non-profit worlds.

Roxanne is an i3 Leadership Master and holds degrees from Sinclair College, Bowling Green State University and numerous executive and leadership development certifications from The University of Wisconsin at Madison; The American Marketing Association; The Leadership Challenge; RAC; LLM, Inc.; among others.

Maureen ZappalaMaureen Zappala
Founder, High Altitude Strategies

Maureen Zappala is an award winning speaker, author and presentation skills coach. A native of NYC, she has a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Notre Dame, and she spent more than 13 years at NASA’s Lewis Research Center (now Glenn Research Center) conducting aircraft engine research. She became the youngest and first female manager of NASA’s Propulsion Systems Laboratory, a jet aircraft engine test facility.

Maureen is the founder of High Altitude Strategies, and helps propel teams and individuals to peak performance.

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