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The Path Forward

COVID-19 Campus Visit Requirements

Important details for all visitors:

  • All tours must be scheduled at least 24 hour hours in advance. Walk-in guests cannot be accommodated.
  • Anyone experiencing symptoms that could be COVID-related (e.g., cold, flu, other respiratory illness) or who has been in recent close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID should not visit campus.
  • At this time, all guests must wear masks in all campus buildings and on campus shuttles. Additionally, admission staff will wear masks during the check-in process.
  • Staff leading tours and information sessions may be without masks while outdoors. If so, they will maintain more than a six-feet distance between themselves and visitors. (On-campus staff are required to be vaccinated).
  • We urge everyone to maintain six feet of physical distance whenever possible.
  • Visitor groups should maintain six feet of physical distance from others, including staff, students and other visitors.
  • Visitors who are registered will be permitted inside only those buildings designated access to visitors.
  • Campus tours will generally have a maximum of 10-12 people.