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Our Tuition is Simple

The American Women's College

We know it’s important for adult women to understand and plan for costs associated with earning their degree. That’s why we offer a competitive flat tuition rate of $410 per credit – with no surprises.

If you qualify for our military tuition discount, that cost drops even further to $350 per credit. Find out more.

Beyond the cost per credit, you will encounter few if any administrative or lab fees during your degree program. (Compare our straightforward approach with other colleges. You’ll see how fees at other colleges can add up quickly!)

The only other costs you should anticipate as an American Women's College student are for books or materials that your professors may ask you to purchase. Fortunately, our professors and instructors offer, whenever possible, inexpensive electronic alternatives to typical costly textbooks.

How Financial Aid Affects the Amount of Tuition You Pay

During the admissions process, every woman is encouraged to apply for financial aid. Financial aid typically consists of a combination of scholarships and grants as well as loans. A financial aid award is applied against the expected tuition cost, in many cases lowering the total amount to be paid for the degree. 

Learn more about the financial aid application and award process.

 Examples of Student Tuition Calculation: