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Scholarships for Online Students at The American Women's College

Scholarships are essentially free money—financial aid that does not have to be repaid.

About scholarships at The American Women's College

Typically, scholarships are merit-based, meaning they are generally awarded to a student based on her academic performance and future potential. However, some scholarships are not based on academic criteria; they may be based instead on, for example, program of interest or intended major.

By contrast, grants are often awarded based on a student's financial need. We encourage our students to explore all types of available financial aid and support.

Don’t fall prey to scholarship scams!

We advise students and families to be cautious when applying for scholarships outside of those offered by Bay Path University. Do not provide organizations with sensitive information or an application fee. For more information on protecting your information and avoiding scholarship scams, we recommend reading this informative article published by the Federal Trade Commission.

If you are awarded a scholarship, please forward the appropriate documentation to the Student Financial Services Office so the award may be included in your financial aid package. Call us at 413.565.1256 to learn more!

How scholarship funds may be applied to your aid package

When the Student Financial Services Office is notified that a student will receive an outside scholarship, the Office will first attempt to add the scholarship to the financial aid package, and not reduce any other financial aid funds - as long as the student’s aid package has not exceeded the cost of attendance. 

If the student’s financial aid package does exceed the cost of attendance with the outside scholarship(s), the student's financial aid package must be adjusted.  In that case, the Student Financial Services Office will first reduce student loans, followed by federal work-study funds before they decrease or eliminate any scholarships or grants offered by the University, the state of Massachusetts, or the federal government.

Even if you receive scholarships and/or grants, you are still encouraged to explore additional available resources. Many scholarship monies go unclaimed because the right candidate did not research and apply for the funds.

You can also visit your local public library and ask the reference desk staff for information on scholarship opportunities available in your region or area of special interest.

Other Scholarship Opportunities: 

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