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This Year's Theme

Our University Theme for the 2018-2019 academic year is ‘Be Curious’

Curious people ask questions and search for answers. They seek new knowledge and experiences which enrich their lives and expand their learning in ways that benefit themselves and their communities. Curious people read, watch, listen and engage…they pull ideas apart and put them back together to create new ideas and concepts. They never stop learning.

At Bay Path, we are curious and encourage others to be curious. We embrace differences and listen without judgment. We are open to new ideas and concepts while having respectful conversations that feed our curiosity and lead to innovation. Being curious helps us to live well, find purpose, utilize our resources effectively, be confident in ourselves and our ability to learn, and to be successful in all our endeavors. We are the innovators of the future.

Join us throughout the year as we engage in dialogues, workshops, presentations, readings, and in-class and out of class experiences that delve into what it means to be curious.

We invite you to think about how you can contribute to the university theme, by weaving the concepts/questions/issues that encourage our community to ‘Be Curious’ in courses and/or extra-curricular activities, organizing or participating in an event, or leading some kind of experience for students - whether they be trad, grad, TAWC, or One Day. Should you find creative ways to sustain the conversation that encourages our community to ‘Be Curious,’ be sure to let us know by emailing Dr. Kristine Barnett at