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The American Women's College WELL Program

The TAWC We Empower Learners and Leaders (WELL) Program will give you the tools you need to transform your career through targeted leadership development.

This signature leadership program is found only at Bay Path University and The American Women's College. A journey in self-discovery, this program is built into the curriculum for all students, and the transformation our students experience is truly remarkable.

By the end of the 3-course WELL program, you will understand who you are as a leader, know how to brand and advocate for yourself, and demonstrate your leadership strengths through real-life examples. Courses are carefully curated to meet the needs of all of our adult students returning to school, regardless of where you are in your professional development.

In addition to the WELL program leadership courses, we also offer a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge career development resources, including one-on-one career and salary negotiation coaching, for both students and alumnae.

Our courses:

WEL 220Evaluate and develop your leadership skills, while learning about the global environment of women’s leadership: 

Topics covered include: career and leadership assessments and reflection, leadership styles and strategies, emotional intelligence, work-life balance, the global context for women’s leadership opportunities, the impact of gendered leadership stereotypes. Students create a customized, actionable leadership development plan that will guide their growth at TAWC and beyond.

WEL330: Learn how to manage your career effectively to achieve your professional and leadership goals:

Topics covered include: personal branding, elevator pitches, professional presentation, resume/cover letter writing, soft skills assessment and development, salary negotiation and financial literacy, mentoring/networking, and interviewing skills. Students hold an informational interview with a leader of their choice and complete a one-on-one career coaching session with a trained coach.

WEL440Demonstrate your leadership skills by creating and implementing a successful social action project:           

Topics covered include self-directed learning and action research, the stages of action project implementation, effective leadership for social change, leadership storytelling and social media action. Students research, plan, implement and evaluate a social action research project of their own choosing.

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