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The Path Forward

Exploring Pathways to Social Justice

Are you a recent high school graduate or college student taking a gap year and looking to explore how you can impact movements for social justice?

Enroll in Exploring Pathways to Social Justice, where you’ll dig into your passion for change and the professional possibilities in working toward social justice. Focusing on social justice history, communication methods, and advocacy, coupled with insight from real-world professionals who have channeled their visions for a more just world into careers advocating for change, you’ll spend 12 weeks discovering and leveraging your unique strengths, intentions, passions and potential toward affecting your communities and articulating your career goals. 

In Exploring Pathways to Social Justice you will:

  • Challenge yourself to examine the past, impact the present, and imagine a future
  • Trace the history of civil rights struggles and reform 
  • Examine the legacy of inequality and its impact on today’s criminal justice system
  • Connect with classmates and community leaders focused on social change
  • Build a foundation of valuable, transferable skills to apply to future academic and professional settings
  • Learn from faculty in Bay Path’s history, communications and legal studies departments and our university career center