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The Path Forward: our plan that details the opening for fall 2020. Read Plan Here >

The American Women's College

Offering 40 ONLINE undergraduate degrees and certificates. Enrolling now for sessions that begin in January and March 2021!

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US News Social MobilityWe do more than help women earn their college degree and expand their career options. We help women positively impact the lives of their kids and families and their communities.

Niche 2020 ranked the american women's college #27 Best Online College in america - in competitive 2021 rankings!

We Know Every Woman Has A Story. We Want To Help You Write Yours!

Are you one of the 77 million American women who has accomplished many things in her life yet still lacks a bachelor's degree? You are not alone. At The American Women's College of Bay Path University, we understand the complex reasons women sometimes pause their education.

If you're still seeking a way to make college work, we invite you to explore the many unique features we offer at The American Women’s College of Bay Path University!

Hear from Amanda Gould, Vice President for Analytics & Innovative Technology, At The American Women's College.

The American Women's College provides you with high quality learning experiences. We keep our class sizes small so your thoughts, questions and learning observations are heard! And despite being online, you'll become friendly with your classmates and your instructors.

Our award-winning SOUL program pairs innovative learning analytics with personalized instruction and support services so your professors and educator coaches can anticipate and respond to your unique learning needs quickly. SOUL increases your overall likelihood of college success.

And through Bay Path's unique Women as Empowered Learners and Leaders (WELL) program, you'll be amazed to see how much stronger your confidence and your career direction become during your time as a student with us.

We take great pride in helping hundreds of women every year reach their goal of earning their college degree. And now it's your time—time to take a deep breath and begin writing the next chapter of your story. 

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Join the sisterhood. Take back your time. Give yourself the future. 

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