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Policies for Study Abroad

Study abroad options include one semester or a full academic year.

Only matriculated students at the Bay Path University are eligible to participate in Bay Path study abroad programs.

Typically, students study abroad during their junior year and must be in good academic standing with 3.0 or better grade point average and be in good standing with the University.

  • Students who expect to receive credit for their academic work must obtain advanced approval of a plan of study from the academic advisor and the chair of the department under which the degree is granted.
  • A student studying abroad may choose to have the grades from all courses from the host institution converted to pass/fail grades by Bay Path University and not be included in her grade point average. The student may not select some courses as pass/fail and other courses as graded. The student must elect the option by indicating her choice on the terms and conditions of participation form and the election is irrevocable. If a student fails to make an election, grades will be transferred in as the United States equivalent of letter grades (A to C-) and will be included in the calculation of her grade point average. A failing grade will not transfer in and, therefore, will not be included in the grade point average.
  • Students who wish to obtain financial aid must be enrolled in a full-time program of study approved for transfer credit by the University. In most cases, eligible students may use federal and state grants and loans toward the cost of study abroad, but may be limited to a single semester. Students are also encouraged to apply for scholarship funds which are available exclusively to students for international study. The University reserves the right to limit the number of students studying abroad during any given semester.