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Small Business Development

Bachelor of Science in Business

The Small Business Development program takes advantage of the emerging possibilities in business by teaching students how to plan, organize, and manage a small business or be a successful entrepreneur.

Students focus on the practical skills, ethical issues, and management theory necessary for success in the economy of a constantely changing world.

By evaluating the feasibility of new business ideas and ventures, understanding risk analysis, and developing a business plan, students learn how to take ideas and ventures from the drawing board to the real world.

Small Business Development students also learn where power comes from and how to exercise it effectively; learning the traits, styles, and behaviors of effective and charismatic leaders. The curriculum delves into different types of leadership, such as team, transformational, and strategic, as well as activities that enhance the development of leadership. Today, more women are in management positions or starting new companies than ever before—there’s no better time to be a woman in business in America.

Accelerated Degree Options:

  • 3-Year Bachelor's Degree. Students with a record of strong academic achievement and a desire to fast track their education are encouraged to apply to the accelerated degree program. The program allows students to earn their degree in three years of year-round study, enabling them to save on tuition costs and enter the workforce sooner. Click here to learn more. 
  • 3+1 Bachelor's to Master's Degree. Bay Path offers a fantastic opportunity to continue on to one of our many graduate degree programs. Known as our 3 +1 program, you can earn your bachelor's and master's degree in four years. Click here to learn more. 

Internship and Employment Outcomes: 

  • Juniper Networks
  • Gelato Bueno
  • MassMutual Center
  • A.W. Hastings
  • Valley Venture Mentors