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Operations Management Online

Bachelor of Science in Business

Effective businesses and organizations create hundreds of processes that directly affect the bottom line. Operations Management professionals create and monitor those processes to make sure clients, customers, and businesses receive the information, services, and products they need. Operations managers organize people, things, and information in ways that help streamline the business to save time and money. That is why they are so valuable to every organization. Operations managers literally control the processes that determine outputs.

As an Operations Management major you’ll study how systems work, how to manage quality, how products and services are designed and delivered, how supply chains work and are managed to provide just-in-time resources for organizations, and how to ensure that businesses and organizations know what they have and where it is. You study how effective organizations deploy equipment, supplies, information, employees, and buildings and other resources to impact costs, customer behavior and customer satisfaction. You’ll learn about every step that goes into developing an outstanding product or service and how to make each step as efficient and beneficial to the organization as possible.

Your studies will give you the knowledge you need to identify and evaluate problems with a business’s existing processes, and the skills you need to improve the system to help turn the business into a strong competitor in the marketplace.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects jobs for operations managers to grow by 12.4% with an additional 244,100 jobs created.