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Bachelor of Science in Business

Marketing goods and services for business-to-consumer, business‑to business, and consumer-to-consumer organizations will be the beginning focal point for a marketing major. Key areas studied in this major include the distribution of goods and services, target audience analyzation, strategic business plans, media planning and packaging. Integrated marketing communications principles are introduced to you for creating and evaluating interactive activities and exercises in personal and mass selling. E-Business, television, web technology, and graphics will be utilized in the production of computer graphics for the upper-level multimedia, television application, and research projects.

The student who majors in marketing will be able to recognize best practice functions and make decisions leading to the development of a business plan and/ or product.

Through Bay Path’s innovative and hands-on courses you can meet women leaders in entrepreneurial, corporate and nonprofit settings, create original solutions to real-world business problems, travel on exciting field trips, and engage in career-related internships. Bay Path’s Marketing program will help you to develop critical, innovative, and reflective thinking skills needed for statistical data analysis, and management science skills necessary to support personal and professional decision-making processes.