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Interdisciplinary Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

The Interdisciplinary Studies major enables a student to design a course of study with mutually enhancing courses from more than one discipline in which the University has a major or a minor.

The student, with an advisor from each of the disciplines, designs her program of meaningful coursework and submits it for approval to the chair of the Interdisciplinary Studies major.

The student has the challenge of showing that her course of study cannot be met through an existing major at the university. Working with the advisors from the disciplines she has chosen, she will select a minimum of ten courses from each of the disciplines, including five upper level (300-400) courses in residence, of which at least one is a research methods class, and one an internship.

In her junior year, the student, with the help of her advisors, will select a research topic related to her course of study and complete a literature review. In the final semester, the student will submit a capstone portfolio, which includes the graded research paper as well as a journal and reflective paper evaluating her internship or co-op.

I enjoy the Interdisciplinary Studies program because it provides me with the freedom to create my own path in something that is not offered. One of my passions is Sociology, specifically the idea that different parts of your identity overlap, resulting in different degrees of discrimination and marginalization or different degrees in privilege and dominance. By taking classes in Sociology, Education, Criminal Justice and several other fields, I am designing a major that helps me learn how to create spaces and places that are responsive to all people and their complex identity. The program has allowed me to create in independent study course, which I completed on the Puerto Rican identity throughout Puerto Rican History and culture. Here on campus, I am the founder and president of the Poetry Club, a writing tutor, a Student Learning Assistant, and the head of the Communications Committee for the multicultural organization ALANA (African American, Latina, Asian, Native American, Allies)." - Michelle, Interdisciplinary Studies Major