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Digital Information Design & Society

Combine liberal arts with technical skills and thrive in a variety of career paths as a blended digital professional.

Why Digital Information Design & Society at The American Women's College? 

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies 

With a major in Digital Information Design & Society, you will have the unique opportunity to combine art and science by studying human issues and topics using digital technologies. The major combines traditional liberal arts skills in critical thinking, analysis, communication, and research with a wide array of technical knowledge. You will be equipped with transferable hard and soft skills that employers need in the workplace.

You will engage with innovative technologies - including coding and programming, data science, text mining, web development, modeling, mapping, and design. You will then be able to transfer these valuable hard skills to the competitive job market.

This degree will prepare you for the future workplace by learning how to work in virtual spaces, tell powerful digital stories, and gain experience in project management using digital assets and creative problem solving. 

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